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Bokeh Textures Roundup

by: Ken Hattori on September 13, 2011 in Roundups

The soft, colorful blurs of bokeh are popular and attractive elements of graphic design, web design and photography. The word comes from the Japanese word “boke,” which means “haze” or “blur.” In photography, it is found in the areas of the photo that are outside the depth of field and out of focus, and is thus common with macro photography as well as portraiture.

Light sources in the background are often responsible for the bokeh effect, so it is commonly associated with light areas, although any area of the background can contain bokeh. While high quality bokeh photography usually requires a good lens, there are many resources available online for bokeh textures, which means that with a graphics editor and some skillful editing, any photograph’s background can be given the attractive bokeh treatment.

Bokeh isn’t just useful for photo editing, though. Graphic designers and web designers can both find wonderful uses for bokeh and bokeh textures. Subtle bokeh makes a wonderful website background or page element, and illustrations that simulate the effect of bokeh are given an added touch of realism. Whether it’s overlaid subtly over a drawing or photograph or brought front and center, the lovely, blurry bokeh circles are a design element that never goes out of style, and is suitable for just about any kind of project out there.

The most simple way to get a bokeh effect is to use bokeh textures, of which there are many available for free online. Here’s a roundup of bokeh textures that you’re sure to find helpful when looking for the perfect bokeh effect for your next project.

  • Lost and Taken – Out of Focus: 30 Free Bokeh Textures
    This resource offers both colorful and monochromatic bokeh textures, including both small and large bokeh circles.
  • Heart Bokeh Textures by Gloeckchen
    Unique bokeh in the shape of hearts for a soft, romantic effect.
  • 11 Fresh HQ Bokeh Textures
    These textures are high quality, with many different colors, and have a commercial license.
  • Raining Light Bokeh Textures
    10 free bokeh textures with a rain-like appearance.
  • Water Bokeh
    9 bokeh textures in various colors that have the appearance of water droplets.
  • Pastel Bokeh Flow
    Pastel colors enhance the free flowing, curvy lines that the bokeh in these textures creates.
  • Fairytale Bokeh
    This stunning texture in pink, purple, orange and yellow features bokeh that looks like it came straight from a fairytale.
  • Little Box of Ideas – 155 Grungy Bokeh Textures
    A huge pack of bokeh textures with a grungy, gritty appearance.
  • Christmas Bokeh Pack
    Christmas lights are popular bokeh sources, and this pack contains many colorful Christmas bokeh textures.
  • Shaped Bokeh Pack
    The bokeh in this pack is not circular, but rather in interesting shapes such as hearts, stars, and flowers.
  • Desperate to Connect Bokeh
    This dark bokeh is reminiscent of a city at night, with neon signs, car headlights, and skyscraper glows supplying the bokeh effect.
  • Fantasystock Purple Bokeh
    This purple bokeh pack has no restrictions, making it ideal for commercial projects.
  • Five Colorful Bokeh Textures
    The bokeh in these textures takes on interesting lines and pleasing colors.
  • Crazy Firework Bokeh
    Living up to its name, this bokeh texture looks like fireworks being set off on New Year’s.
  • Rainy Night Street Light Bokeh
    Water droplets in the foreground add a great effect to the large bokeh dots in the background in this versatile texture.
  • Bokeh Collection II
    Colorful bokeh in shapes that include arrows, triangles, and hearts.
  • Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack
    The bokeh textures in this pack really do resemble layers of glitter.
  • Muted Bokeh Textures
    Muted shades of purple and blue are found in this pack of 10 great bokeh textures.
  • 7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures
    These free textures were taken of a Christmas tree and are great for large projects.
  • Bokeh Dreamscene
    Truly dreamy-looking rainbow bokeh circles populate this fresh texture.
  • Abstract Bokeh Vector Backgrounds
    Intended as background images but also suitable for texture use, these bokeh images include the traditional dots as well as lines and squares.
  • Free Fresh Bokeh Textures
    More interesting shapes can be found in this pack, including clovers, moons, and butterflies.
  • Bokeh and Lights
    You get two for the price of one in this pack – both bokeh textures and stunning lines of light.
  • Chic Bokeh Texture Pack
    Vibrant colors and sharp patterns of bokeh make this pack one you don’t want to miss.
  • Neon Bokeh
    Extremely soft and smooth bokeh textures.
  • Bokeh and Paper Premade Textures
    The combination of two popular texture sources – bokeh and paper – give these textures a slightly grungy effect.
  • Pastel Dream Bokeh
    This bokeh texture gives the appearance of a rainy day with plenty of bokeh in the background.
  • Earth Bokeh
    Bokeh in shades of yellow, green, and blue looks soft and ethereal.
  • Webtreats Tile Grungy Bokeh
    This bokeh texture features unique patterns and tiles seamlessly, making it great for backgrounds.
  • Free Premium Bokeh Textures
    These textures come in two sizes, various colors, and have a cool pixelated effect.
  • Freaky Bokeh
    The textures in this bokeh pack each have interesting effects such as stripes and highlights.
  • 13 Graphic Bokeh Textures
    Simple and clean bokeh textures in assorted colors.
  • Royale Bokeh
    Monochromatic, subtle bokeh with great patterns.
  • Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack
    All colors of the rainbow are represented in these glittery bokeh textures.
  • Magical Textures
    Three textures with a slightly grungy effect as well as bokeh dots.

These are just a small fraction of the many great bokeh textures available on the Internet. You’re sure to find tons of great uses for them, no matter what you’re designing or what your audience is.

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