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Collection of jQuery Image Sliders

by: Mark Abucayon on July 05, 2010 in Roundups

Hello guys, I just collected a list of 47 jQuery Image Sliders from FREE to PREMIUM all in no particular order. All effects of this slideshows uses jquery scripts to make it usuable and easy to integrate. Did I forget to include your’s in the list? so please let me know by adding it in the comment area below. Please drop me an email if you want to remove your plugin in this list. Did you enjoy the list below? Be sure to drop us your feedback and I will be happy to answer all your questions. :)

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Free Plugins

Featured Content Slider | Demo

Featured Content Slider

Agile Carousel | Demo

Agile Carousel

Looped Slider | Demo

Looped Slider

jFlow Slider | Demo

jFlow Slider

AnythingSlider | Demo


Coda Slider | Demo

Coda Slider

Coin Slider | Demo

Coin Slider

Nivo Slider | Demo

Nivo Slider

Pikachoose | Demo


Popeye Slider | Demo

Popeye Slider

Image Gallery Slider with Caption Tutorial | Demo

Image Gallery Slider with Caption Tutorial

Galleria | Demo


Image Rotator with Description | Demo

Image Rotator with Description

jqFancyTransitions | Demo


Simple Controls Gallery v1.3 | Demo

Simple Controls Gallery v1.3

jQuery Slideshow | Demo

jQuery Slideshow

Moving Boxes | Demo

Moving Boxes

jQuery Virtual Tour | Demo

jQuery Virtual Tour

Smooth DIV Scroll | Demo

Smooth DIV Scroll

ImageFlow | Demo


s3Slider | Demo


GalleryView | Demo


Galleriffic | Demo


Easy Slider | Demo

Easy Slider

Interface Slideshow | Demo

Interface Slideshow

CrossSlide | Demo


jQuery Cycle Plugin | Demo

jQuery Cycle Plugin

slideViewer | Demo


InnerFade | Demo


Simple jQuery Slideshow | Demo

Simple jQuery Slideshow

Slick jQuery Slidehow | Demo

Slick jQuery Slidehow

jQuery Slider | Demo

jQuery Slider

jQuery Photo Slider with Semi Transparent Caption | Demo

jQuery Photo Slider with Semi Transparent Caption

Supersized | Demo


Premium Plugins

All premium jquery sliders must be purchase through Codecanyon

AviaSlider | Demo


Lateral Slider | Demo

Lateral Slider

Slider Pack | Demo

Slider Pack

Sexy Slider | Demo

Sexy Slider

DDSlider | Demo


siteFeature2 | Demo


EasySlide | Demo


jQuad | Demo


jQuery Train Slider v1.0 | Demo

jQuery Train Slider v1.0

siteFeature | Demo


Nirvana Slideshow | Demo

Nirvana Slideshow

SV Slider | Demo

SV Slider

FreeSlider | Demo


About the Author

Mark Abucayon

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Hello Everyone my name is Mark Abucayon Freelance Web Designer and Developer from Philippines, in short call me Mabuc.

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