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PhotoBax: Photography Business Theme

by: Mark Abucayon on January 20, 2012 in Premium Templates

PhotoBax is a Premium Photography Business Template which comes in different jquery effects like image sliders and image galleries. It also includes 20 different background patterns, 31 HTML Files and includes 10 Fonts using @font-face replacement. It is created using CSS2 and CSS3 with 2 dimensions (main content and sidebar). It also includes different layouts like (list and grid style). You can easily change colors, fonts and even background patterns. You can use this template for your Photography or Business Corporate Projects. NOW INCLUDES WORDPRESS VERSION 3+ You can only purchase this template at ThemeForest.

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PhotoBax: Photography Business Theme

Features Includes:

  1. Conform W3C Standard
  2. Includes 7 PSD Files
  3. Major Browser Compatibility (Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera and IE8 & 9)
  4. Uses CSS2 and CSS3
  5. Includes 31 HTML Files and 1 PHP file
  6. working contact form
  7. well documented (HTML type)
  8. Includes 20 background patterns
  9. Includes 10 Fonts using @font-face
  10. Includes 11 Image Sliders
  11. Includes 5 Gallery Filters
  12. jquery Tooltip tipsy
  13. jquery hover
  14. jquery form validator
  15. jquery Accordion Menu
  16. jquery Superfish Dropdown menu
  17. jquery Tabs
  18. jquery Fancybox
  19. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ developer tools (buttons)
  20. Included wordpress version

About the Author

Mark Abucayon

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Hello Everyone my name is Mark Abucayon Freelance Web Designer and Developer from Philippines, in short call me Mabuc.

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